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If it is not totally obvious by the game's description, this game is intended for ADULTS.  It contains nudity and a ton of sexual themes!  By downloading this game and reading this, you acknowledge you are of the proper age to be viewing material intended for ADULT AUDIENCES.  

In ancient times, in lands far away, WIZARDS took command of the ETHER OF MAGIC in order to wield a power both great and terrible. In order to control this wild natural force, it was sealed into symbols of knowledge and belief known as RUNES.  While runes are normally used for warfare, industry and livelihood, playful wizards have developed quite a many parlor game dedicated to the use of magic. The most popular of these is one known as 'Magic Fingers.' 


Two willing combatants draw runes at random and conjure them into spells dedicated to embarrassing their opponent. While younger, more immature wizards tend to simply pull pranks on each other in their games, naughtier wizards' games of 'Magic Fingers' can devolve into downright lascivious activity, such as stripping, humiliation, and punishment in the form of public erotic displays!

Magic Fingers (The First Strokes) is a 'bottom-row" adult-themed typing game produced in Game Maker Studio which rewards players with accurate strokes and nimble fingering by allowing them to strip and do all sorts of embarrassing things to their opponent in a magical duel.  Use your keyboard as a tool to enjoy a cultural exchange between you and the monsters and heroes of a far off land!  

There is a how-to guide in the game, but some additional controls that haven't been mentioned in this version include:

  • Pressing down on the title screen to access the game's settings.  From there you can adjust the game's music and sound effect volume as well as clear your data.
  • Pressing "Z" on a stage you cleared will allow you to look through the gallery of that character.  You can navigate by pressing right and left, and Space Bar to exit out of the gallery.
  • Pressing "P" during game play will pause the game, allowing you to restart the level or go back to the title screen.


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this is too hard for a porn game and its not a pun